Sentidos Opuestos

On Tour

For all the Sentidos Opuestos fans out there....
I grew listening to them in the 90's. Absolutely love their music! I just found out the over day that they have released a new single not too long ago called "Dime".

"Dime" right away can be added to the list as one of Sentidos Opuestos bests, It fits in perfectly from the past songs they have done in the past. Anyway, I went to go see them at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles yesterday night and Alessandra Rosaldo totally rocked the house. I felt like I was a 90's kid again! If anyone is a true fan of Sentidos Opuestos, I suggest to you to see them in concert!
They have other performances coming in California, One in San Diego, Sacramento, and San Fran!

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